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tv   wusa 9 News at 7pm  CBS  January 15, 2016 7:00pm-7:31pm EST

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>> a man is charged with the death of a six month old baby girl. >> a break for bob mcdonald as the supreme court plans to hear his case. >> plus, jackpot dreams answered. we will introduce you to the latest multimillion dollars powerball winners. i'm jan jeffcoat. >> i'm bruce johnson. a yellow weather alert with rain and showers tops our news tonight. first alert chief meteorologist topper shutt is on the weather terrace. sounds like we are in for a good soaking. >> reporter: we are looking at heavy rain south and east of town. if you are not home now, you will have rain on the way home. if you have plans prepare for some pretty heavy downpours. okay, this is doppler over the last hour. heavy rain in la plata.
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and heavier activity north of leesburg an the south and west of warrenton. we will zoom in here. this is heavy rain. the yellow and the orange. it indicates heavy downpours. this is live now. it will kind of move off along i-95 headed toward buoy and saint george's county. silver spring as well. in terms of what is headed our way, futurecast, well, by 9:00, we still have heavy rain across the board. we are not talking any snow or ice, just generally low to mid 40s . we will talk about that. still tracking a few flakes over the weekend. >> thank you topper. turning to prince george's county, we are trying to put an
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end to an epidemic of child murders at the hands of their mother's boyfriends. >> reporter: the latest arrest was announced today. a 23-year-old man accused of killing a six month old baby. one of a pair of twins. >> i have to tell you i am so angry. i am so sad. this is the fifth baby under two years old that has been killed in the last two years. >> reporter: this man 23-year- old kareem bryant is charged with killing a six month old girl mariah tilghman. according to a law enforcement accounted, police were sent here 3:30 in the afternoon on report of a baby not breathing. the child died three days later of blunt force injuries to the head and chest. bryant admitted to causing the baby's injuries. he was releasted in october after serving time for armed robbery and he and the baby's mother were in a relationship.
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>> like the other babies involved in these cases, we as parents have to do a better job of being careful about what we bring around our children. >> at the state's attorney office in prince george's county, scott broom, wusa9. >> bryant is charged with second degree murder in child abuse resulting in death. welcome news for former virginia governor bob mcdonald. the supreme court has agreed to hear his appeal on a corruption conviction that was handed down in 2014. he has been free pending his appeal. he is grateful for the high court's decision and maintains he is innocent. dc mayor is mad over wal- mart's decision to pull out of two planned developments east of the river. the decision is part of a plan to close 269 stores nationwide. the sites at capital gateway and skyland promise to brig job, shopping, and anchor more retail. >> it is an outrage that wal-
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mart would cavalierly walk away from this. >> the hillcrest community has been working on this project for 25 years and we will continue to push forward with it. >> the man accused of causing yesterday's deadly accident in largo is a free man again. a woman was killed, three injured in the crash at largo and lotsford road. the person who caused the accident, 34-year-old juan sanchez was driving without a license. he was speeding and driving wrecklessly at the time of the crash. he could still face charges connected to the crash. melvin latney is behind bars after a one-man crime spree. the 25-year-old allegedly walked away from a halfway house an immediately started attacking unsuspected women on the street grabbing them from behind. hitting them in the head and face, fondling and robbing
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them. hi attacked five different women over five weeks until surveillance video helped to track him down. the wild ride continued today on wall street. the dow jones industrial average lost nearly 392 points. investors reached a crude oil slide of less than $30 a barrel. u.s. stocks closed down 2.3% to finish the worst two-week open for a year ever. well, no worries for a tennessee couple. they are the first winners of the record busting powerball jackpot. they came forward former mayor say show me the money and brought their dog along to claim their winnings. they live 30 minutes north of memphis. the robinsons will get $529 million. the holders of the other two winning power ball tickets have yet to come forward. the curtain is about to go up on one of washington's
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hottest attractions. beibei will make his public debut tomorrow. >> large crowds are expected to be on hand. surae chinn has more from the national zoo. >> reporter: i'm surae chinn at the national zoo. it is the eve of beibei's debut and as cute as the cub is, so are his adoring sans. >> i saw the panda dance. >> reporter: the anticipation is building. some just can't sit still or put into words. >> he was sleeping allot but he was gone. >> reporter: several thousand friends of the zoo members have gotten a sneak peek of beibei this month. it is lori's turn on her special day. >> my mom said what do you want to do on your birthday? i said go see the panda. >> reporter: lisa flew down from ohio in order to see beibei tomorrow. >> we have planned this since august. >> reporter: she takes the pandemonium seriously. >> i went to every zoo with
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pandas in the u.s. and canada in six months. >> reporter: beibei was born in august weighing five ounces, the size of a stick of butter, pink and blind. fans have watched him grow every ounce since on the panda cam. the panda house opens at 9:00 saturday morning and beibei sleeps most of the day. at the national zoo, surae chinn, wusa9. >> and you should know the zoo has set up a selfie station in the panda house where visitors can snap photos with beibei. still ahead on 9news, no more mr. nice guy. the republican presidential candidates hit the road again after a bruising debate. >> plus, sean penn opens up about his interview with the notorious drug
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>> hundreds of ted cruz supporters showed up in columbia, south carolina to hear his pitch on why he should be the next president. south carolina holds the first primary in the south and cruz is threatening to knock donald trump out of the top spot in the polls. last night's gop debate, he attacked trump and what he called trump's new york values. today's headline was drop dead ted. go back to canada. cruz's comments could help him in south carolina where evangelical christians make up 60% of the registered voters in the republican primary. >> the person doesn't need to agree with me but knowing they have faith and they are committed to that. >> south carolina holds the primary february 20. rescue crews are looking for marines that were in a chopper collision off the coast of hawaii. the honolulu fire department and u.s. navy are assisting
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with the search. it appears the helicopters crashed during a training mission. sean penn says a rolling stone article stemming from his interview with el chapo was a failure. the actor says it was a failure because it was supposed to bring attention to the war on drugs. the actor denied the interview led to the recapture of the the drug load. >> the mexican government, they were clearly very humiliated by the notion that someone found him before they did. well, nobody found him before they did. we didn't ... we are not smarter than the dea or the mexican intelligence. we had a contact upon which we were able to facilitate an invitation. >> guzman's cartel is believed to be the number one supplier of heroin, cocaine and marijuana into the u.s. you can see the full interview on sunday.
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still on wusa9 news, it is cool in school. we are telling you how students are working on a phone app that could
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plus with a 2-year agreement, fios gives you $400 back, and all of the premium movie channels for a year. this is your last chance. offer ends january 16th. get out of the past. get fios. >> they want your smartphone to become a lifesaver. if they become a national competition, some dc students could get their way. >> a real life tragedy inspired
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them to great g fire. >> one of my little cousins room, the fire started. they didn't really know until it got big. >> reporter: a scary situation for kenneth tillman's family is leading a group of mckinley tech students to create a high- tech solution they believe will save lives. >> when everyone heard his story, they thought it would be a great idea. >> reporter: they are designing an app called g fire. your smoke alarms connect to your phone through blue tooth and when there is a fire? >> lit tell you that you are going to have to exit your house in a certain manner and how to get out like which exits are blocked off by fire, you know, based on the smoke alarm data and then which exits are safe to exit from. >> reporter: this is part of the verizon app challenge.
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their team has won for dc. now they take on the rest of the nation. if they win, students from mit will come an build the app for them. their goal is even bigger. >> i still have my family but a lot of families are losing people to fires. >> reporter: they need your help to win the challenge. text g fire 2, to the number 22333. you could help save some lives. stem is cool in school. mike hydeck, wusa9. >> once again, you can text be fire 2 to 22333. if you have a cool tech story, contact mike hydeck on his facebook page. now to southeast washington and a show of support fur students at cw harris elementary school. students got their pick of some terrific new double layer coats thanks to the folks at care first. the nonprofit agency has partnered with harris elementary as part of the adopt a school program.
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some of the winter's coolest weather around the corner, these coats could not have arrived at a better time. >> always watching, always tracking. wusa9 first alert weather. topper says he is going to party like it is 1999. >> it is not very pretty. but on this day back in 1999, a major ice storm. an unusual ice storm because the start of it was liquid rain that turned freezing overnight. 250,000 folks without power. we had hundreds of accidents. hundreds of parkways were closed early in the morning on the 15th. it is unusual. normally we go ice to rain, rarely rain to ice. thousands of folks with no power. it was a mess. >> yes it was. >> so the train doesn't seem to bad tonight doesn't it? >> so stop complaining.
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>> exactly. our three degree guarantee. i thought it would be well into the 50s . i went 54. got scared because it was so warm yesterday. clouds came in. i read 52 on the car. i will see how we did tonight at 11:00. you can download our app and track it that way as well. 45 right now. winds outed of the north at 9, so it is not a very pleasant night, but it is all about context. okay? now, here is the radar. heaviest rain is just hammering prince george's county. everybody is picking up rain. no doubt about that. we will zoom in some of the heavier activity around the beltway. it is generally light to moderate. off to the south and west, heavier rain. manassas, this is pushing off to the north and east. get ready for heavy rain in fairfax. this is a pretty good little batch. this is headed over toward fed rick. this is the jackpot right now.
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east, over toward shady side. annapolis. that is the heaviest rain on the live doppler so yellow weather alert. heaviest rain now until about 2:00 a.m. breezy and pleasant tomorrow. we will see 50ish. not bad. and then, colder, a few flakes possible on sunday. but still an okay day. i don't think we have to worry about anything of any consequence. looks a little less likely we will see any flakes but we will keep them in the forecast now. 10:00 tonight, we have a lot of rain. trying to walk the dog, take a walk after dinner. temperature wise okay. 40, manassas. 42 fairfax. wet everywhere. the good news is it moves out pretty quickly. by 7:00's residual clouds, all the rain and showers are gone. by 9:30, a few residual clouds but temperatures still rebounding. 40 in manassas.
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43 fredericksburg. 44 downtown. 41 gathersburg. not a bad day tomorrow. just a little bit breezy and by 1:00, we should be 50 in dc. maybe 52 in fredericksburg. a little breezy tomorrow. keep that in mind. day planner looks like this. increasing sun. 48 by 11:00. 50 by 1:00 p.m. so sunday we will get the chance of a flurry in. 42. much, much colder. bitterly cold monday. only 27 for a high. the next seven days only 30 tuesday. 34 wednesday. low 30s on thursday. maybe snow showers wednesday night. not a huge deal. highs again only about 31, 32. okay. strassburg is staying for a while. >> some good news. some good news today. he began the season just so so
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right? then it got worse. he went on the dl. got hurt again. came back. finished on a three-game winning streak. that makes it hard to truly gauge his value which also explains why they avoided arbitration. the two sides saying let's agree on a $10 million deal. now, it gets really interesting because he becomes a free agent after this season. he has been solid but he has also been injury prone too. baltimore looking to make some moves as well. the os putting yoenis cespedes with a deal. he had a lot of lumber to the already potent lineup. maryland mens hoops getting a little home cooking sunday. hopefully that is what is needed to ease the sting of
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defeat sustained in ann arbor tuesday. the venue will be friendly, the opponent, not so much. hopefully, the terps can expect every team in conference to make the a game. the wolves shot their lights out 50% from the field tuesday. the coach says it is just parts of the bumps and bruises of conference play. >> life goes on. the sun comes up and you have to get better. it is a grind. the league play, it is so hard. and such a long season. but we have to play better. >> us being who we are. everybody will bring their a plus game. we come out ready to play and hopefully, we make more shots by the end of the game. >> a plus, plus game. not just the a game.
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don't forget superbowl 50 right here. you can watch it right here on wusa9 february 7. the divisional round of playoffs continues right here this weekend as well. so, good stuff. >> got to like that maryland team. >> oh, they are a fil nafour team no doubt. coming up on 9news tonight, youngest person in a retirement home and she is still in ♪
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>> finally tonight, she is the youngest senior in a retirement home. >> but hailey jenkins is just 21 years old. when she had trouble finding college housing, the music major in iowa contacted the retirement center and received a unique offer. free room and board in exchange for two concerts a month. the drake university student said she just could not resist. ♪ oh danny boy, the pipes, the pipes are calling, from glen to glen ... ♪ >> weld, it might be one less spot for a senior resident, but the retirement home says it is worth the investment and i'm
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sure it is quiet at night for her to do her studying. which is good. >> and she cease a senior in college. that's all for the news tonight. lesli and adam
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